Can Planning for Senior Falls Actually Help You Avoid Them?

Falls among the elderly are all too common and can have dire consequences. Taking precautionary measures is key, including assessing the house for fall dangers like throw rugs as well as other tripping hazards, poor lighting, and an absence of appropriate grab bars and railings. But there’s another tactic being recommended now: creating a fall plan of care,

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Why a Trip to the Emergency Room May be in Your Holiday Plans

While we may visualize a Norman Rockwell-worthy Thanksgiving get-together, with the entire family enjoying high quality time together and Grandma’s classic food, the reality for some families may include something unanticipated: a visit to the hospital. Believe it or not, studies indicate that emergency room visits for seniors jump an astounding 10% – 20% over the holidays.

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An Elephant Never Forgets…And May Be Able to Help Us Understand Alzheimer’s

The old adage is true: elephants truly do have excellent memories, even in their old age. To illustrate, they’re able to recollect and go back to very particular locations many years after visiting them, regardless of age. Just what exactly can we discover from elephants that might result in improving our own brain functioning as we age?

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Fighting with a Senior Parent on Safety vs. Independence

It’s a conflict that arises for numerous families: older adults adamantly like to age in place in their own homes, while their loved ones worry about their well-being. And there’s an argument to be made in both cases. Seniors, especially individuals who live alone, deal with many different risks: falls that may lead to serious injury,

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The Latest Phone Scam To Which Your Senior Loved One May Fall Victim

Telephone cons intended for the elderly aren’t anything new, with an astounding $36 billion lost every year to financial abuse. And the latest senior telephone con circulating is difficult for many seniors to recognize until it’s too late. Center for Elder Law and Justice attorney Nicole K. Parshall explains,

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When Seniors Stop Driving, Can It Impact Their Health?

It is one of the most difficult decisions we face in older years, and a remarkably delicate issue for adult children to broach with their elder parents: relinquishing the car keys. Driving a vehicle, while supplying an inherent feeling of freedom and independence, can become tremendously risky due to a variety of conditions associated with getting older.

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North River Home Care: How Design Thinking Can Benefit the Elderly

One of the latest buzz phrases, “design thinking,” has become synonymous with creating products targeted specifically to the elderly. However, its true purpose actually encompasses so much more: creating a solution through products that makes life easier – regardless of age.

While seniors can certainly benefit from the development of carefully thought out products,

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