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10 Questions to Ask a Caregiver Agency

You’ve made the important decision to move forward with home care to support your loved one. How do you take the next steps?

The first thing to do after deciding on home care is to choose the best agency for the job. To do that properly, you need to know the right questions to ask a caregiver agency.

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The Dangers of Senior Isolation and Loneliness

Long before social distancing entered the public domain, health care agencies championed the importance of social engagement in the senior population. Decades of studies have correlated the multiple ways senior social isolation and loneliness affect physical and emotional well-being. 

This is why we’ve continued to post articles supporting the many ways you can socialize for your good health and the wellbeing of those around you.

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TIPS: Caring For a Parent With Dementia at Home

Caregivers are wise to observe the scout’s motto: “be prepared” as they embark on the journey of full-time care of a loved one. There are important considerations when caring for a parent with dementia at home.

First and foremost, you must educate yourself, the parent with the dementia diagnosis,

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Understanding the Costs of Dementia Care

After the shock of a dementia or Alzheimer’s diagnosis fades, there are important decisions to make. Dementia is a progressive disease, and time is of the essence. As soon as possible, families should begin to explore the costs of in-home dementia care and care provided in memory care facilities and skilled nursing facilities.

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