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Outdoor Senior Activities in Norwell, MA

Get out into the countryside around Norwell to enjoy fascinating glimpses of the past and ever-changing perspectives on our classic New England landscapes. From the tranquil banks of the North River to the famous Cape Cod shore, there’s plenty to enjoy just outside your door.

Continue reading for some amazing outdoor senior activities you can enjoy in Norwell whether you’re on your own or with family and friends. 

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Managing Diet Plans for Medical Conditions in the Elderly

A customized diet is a cornerstone of any healthcare management plan. Healthy diets, focused on the latest research findings for particular conditions, help aging adults achieve or maintain healthy weight goals, minimize symptoms, and may reduce or eliminate the need for prescription medications.

Customized Diet Plans for Medical Conditions

The right combination of nutrition therapy,

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Understanding the Costs of Dementia Care

After the shock of a dementia or Alzheimer’s diagnosis fades, there are important decisions to make. Dementia is a progressive disease, and time is of the essence. As soon as possible, families should begin to explore the costs of in-home dementia care and care provided in memory care facilities and skilled nursing facilities.

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Promoting Physical Activity in Older Adults

Daily physical activity is a must for senior health and overall wellbeing. According to the CDC, regular even very moderate physical exercise or movement has exponential benefits for older adults, including:

  • Strength and stamina
  • Heart health
  • Improved mental and emotional outlook
  • Weight management
  • Healthy sleep habits
  • Reduced episodes of depression,
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Food Safety Concerns for Older Adults

One of the most telling signs that seniors need more support to age independently in place is a lack of fresh food ingredients or, even worse, bare pantries and refrigerators shelves. This is why professional home care agencies offer grocery shopping and meal preparation as part of their services lineup,

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