Our team consists of professional home aids who are available and ready to assist, whether it’s helping veterans complete regular daily tasks or helping them get back on their feet after an injury or illness. We offer veteran health services that cover a wide range of needs, ensuring the well-being of our senior veterans.

Respectful, High-Quality Home Care

Our veteran home care services allow veterans to receive the care and personal attention they need in order to live daily life with ease. Whether they’re having a difficult time recovering from an injury or you simply can’t manage daily tasks on their own without getting frustrated, our experienced home care aids can assist.

Our compassionate caregivers, including veteran caregivers in Massachusetts, are able to assist with:

Companion care

Living every day, normal life can often become a challenge, especially if your loved one can no longer do household chores like they used to. Our home care aids are able to assist with laundry, running errands, household chores, meal prep, and any other tasks to make their everyday life easier. Our veteran home care service encourages veterans to accept help from professionals while participating in much-needed interaction from someone who cares.

Personal care

On occasion, veterans and seniors alike may need additional care assistance in the form of personal care services, including bathing, eating, and assisting with mobility. Whether they’re recovering from an injury and need additional help to regain their strength or they simply can’t take care of themselves like they once did, our in-home care aids are compassionate, understanding, and treat patients like family.

If needed, our aids can transport your loved one to important events, appointments, and shopping locations which helps maintain their daily habits and independence.

Dementia care

Caring for your senior loved one when dementia or Alzheimer’s occurs can be a real challenge. It’s stressful, heartbreaking, and time-consuming to provide the necessary care and assistance they deserve. Our veteran home care assists with personal and companion care for veterans living with dementia or Alzheimer’s in order to give families peace of mind knowing that their loved one is properly cared for.

Veteran Home Care Based On Dignity & Respect

Veterans who have served in the U.S Military may be eligible for home care benefits from the Veterans Affairs (VA) based on certain criteria:

  • The veteran must have received a general discharge or honorable discharge
  • The veteran must have a doctor’s order stating that the veteran requires additional home care assistance
  • The veteran must have served 1-day in an active war or 90-days and more in service
  • The veteran’s assets, excluding home and car, must not exceed $123,600

When the time comes for additional in-home care in order to assist with everyday activities, choosing veteran home care in Massachusetts may be the most suitable option. Your senior veteran parent or loved one deserves the care, time, and personal attention they once sacrificed for their country.

Why Choose Veteran Home Care from North River Home Care?

You can’t always be there on a daily basis to assist with normal tasks, which is why our trained caregivers are on hand to provide the support and care your loved ones need. Our veteran home care service allows America’s veterans and service members to feel like they still belong and have a purpose.

If you want your loved one to maintain or regain their independence at home and the comfort of knowing they’re taken care of, contact us to learn more.

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