Helping a senior family member after they’ve experienced an injury or disease complications can be difficult and challenging, especially when searching for the right in-home caregiver for older adults. Most times, once they are released from the hospital, there’s still a lot of home health care that’s required to maintain their daily activities.

That’s exactly why we offer rehabilitation elderly home care for seniors in Massachusetts. We understand the challenges that arise during this time, and the importance of having Massachusetts rehab specialists and a rehabilitation support team to ensure a smooth recovery process.

Does My Parent Need Elderly Home Care Rehabilitation?

There are many reasons to consider elderly rehabilitation care when the time comes. Elderly family members tend to be less steady on their feet, and can injure or become ill quite easily. This could result in a slower recovery period when proper senior care isn’t implemented, leading to a need for personalized rehab care.

The following ailments may be best treated through elderly rehabilitation care:

Joint Injury/Replacement

As seniors live longer lives, unfortunately the joints can take a toll and become increasingly susceptible to injury. Whether it’s an injury or a replacement surgery, recovery time can be slow as bones and joints heal. Home health aides are able to provide personalized, caring assistance during this time.

Fracture/Broken Hip

Recovery from hip fractures and broken bones can be a painful, oftentimes slow process. Full healing can range anywhere between 10-12 months. With our rehabilitation assistance, we provide long-term care to ensure that your loved one is properly cared for and recovers as comfortably as possible.


A stroke can leave your loved one feeling confused, overwhelmed, and uncertain. North River Home Care provides top-level care with elderly stroke rehabilitation through our assisted living in-home care services, including Massachusetts dementia assistance.

Brain Injury

Many seniors and elders who experience a brain injury will require a caregiver to help during recovery. Our caring, highly certified team of in-home caregivers and Massachusetts rehab specialists are able to provide the comfort and assistance needed for smooth rehabilitation.


Caregivers at North River Home Care are dedicated to improving the overall health and function after an amputation occurs. Mobility and gaining independence are carefully and lovingly considered, as well as how to accomplish tasks given the new limitations.


Other common ailments treated through elderly home care in Massachusetts include:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Neurological conditions
  • Arthritis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Nerve impingement
  • Aneurysm
  • Cancer/tumor

Through proper in-home care and attention, seniors are able to recover while living at home in Massachusetts in a safe and comfortable environment at their own pace. This provides family members a sense of relief knowing that our caregivers treat each patient like family.

If you’re unsure you can provide proper rehabilitation care on your own, it may be time to consider professional help from caregivers with experience in personal care. Our caregivers possess the necessary qualifications to care for your loved ones and provide comprehensive rehabilitation assistance.

Treatment Benefits

Apart from improving the quality of life for seniors in need of personal attention and care, elderly rehabilitation care from North River Home Care can offer additional help with:

  • Regaining communication skills
  • Improving mobility and muscle function
  • Gaining emotional support and understanding
  • Increasing mental health and wellness

Depending on the severity of injury or illness, your elderly loved one may need additional healing time with a caregiver. This would allow them the freedom and mobility they once knew. When undergoing a life-altering event, the goal is to help the patient achieve their maximum potential through proper care techniques and rehabilitation solutions.

North River Home Care, with its team of dedicated caregivers and Massachusetts rehab specialists, understands these treatment benefits are vital to getting your loved one back to health with personal care, attention, and compassion and ensures they receive the best rehabilitation assistance possible.

Why Choose North River Health Care?

Our team of specialized and skilled elderly home care service professionals provide compassionate care to the elderly in times of need.

We’re proud and honored to be one of the top 5% elderly in-home care agencies in the country. We are dedicated to providing peace of mind that your loved ones are taken care of, especially when you’re unable to be there in person.

At North River Health Care, we understand the challenges involved when searching for an in-home caregiver. That’s why our family caregivers receive ongoing training in order to uphold current caregiving techniques and practices. This enables us to provide your loved ones with the empathetic care and reliable services they deserve.

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