Did You Notice Any of These Signs While Visiting Mom This Christmas?

From the second the door swings open and your elderly parent wraps you in a warm hug, through the festive holiday meal and every timeless family tradition, possibilities abound for not just quality time together, but also to assess how your loved one is truly doing and if any warning flags are noticed.

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Best Ways to Check-In On Mom ’s Wellbeing While Home for the Holidays this Season

Living far from family makes it really difficult to go visit our older loved ones as often as we’d like, but during the holiday season, families make an extra effort for quality time with each other – making it the perfect time to review an older family member’s safety and wellbeing.

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How to Handle the Holidays with a Family Member with Dementia

Looking at the holidays through the lens of Alzheimer’s disease can look far from merry and bright. Family caregivers might be stressed with care duties, and the interruption to routine can cause more distress for a senior struggling with the impact of dementia.

However, with a little creative thinking and modification of expectations,

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Traveling with a Senior? These Tips Can Help!

Summer vacations are something everyone looks forward to! Exploring new places, checking items off our bucket lists, leaving the worries of everyday life behind. And helping a senior loved one enjoy such a thrill makes it all the better. There will be, however, certain considerations to take into account that can help lead the way to an outstanding vacation with an older adult:

  • Schedule a pre-trip physician visit.
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Don’t Put Grandmother in a Corner This Holiday Season

The delicious holiday dinner concludes with crumbs on the plates. Some family members have drifted away to monitor wiggly children anticipating gifts, others are laughing and enjoying a coffee at the table…and grandmother sits quietly in the corner, separate from the conversations and activity due to poor hearing. How many holidays have you spent like this?

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