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Kari Kelly

General Manager

For many years, Kari has been in the industry, devoting most of her career to brain injury patients and adults with developmental disabilities. She is a nurse and certified Dementia Practitioner.

She joined North River in 2013 and has loved every minute of her time here. Kari finds it rewarding to be a part of a team that impacts people’s lives every day.

Kari resides in Plymouth with her husband and two of their four children.


What to Say and What NOT to Say to Someone About Their Health Issues

Have you ever walked into the office or a get-together with friends or family and had someone say to you with great concern, “You really look tired today!” Although you may have been feeling pretty perky before that moment, suddenly you really DO feel tired and rundown. The words we speak to each other and the way we interpret them are powerful.

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Can Surgery Anesthesia Cause Dementia in Seniors?

For seniors, experiencing surgery always includes some inherent risks, but there’s a little-known effect impacting a significant number of seniors following surgery that people all need to be aware of: POCD (postoperative cognitive dysfunction). POCD takes place in more than 25% of seniors during the days after non-cardiac surgery, and can present with a variety of symptoms,

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