Senior Care Resources In Plymouth, MA

Whether your spouse requires more care than you can provide, or an aging parent or grandparent is showing signs extra support is needed – this guide to senior care resources in Plymouth introduces a variety of different services and options available in our area.

From adult day care and respite care to meal support, memory care, and support group options – the resources listed here will help as you begin to create a long-term care plan.

Comprehensive Senior Care Resources And Support

While there are situations when a senior goes acutely from actively independent to requiring full-time care, those are rarer.

Most seniors experience a gradual need for extra support. Thus, we’ve organized the following resources in stages – from casual, to part-time to more full-time support and care options.

While there are many free and low-cost senior services available, financial questions deserve to be answered. Read, Financing In-Home Care, to learn more about the ways you can off-set out of pocket costs along the way.

A little support can go a long way.

Whether its due to vision, decreased mobility or the beginning stages of a dementia diagnosis – senior support often starts in smaller doses, such as transportation, meal preparation, and light housekeeping.


Turning in the keys is one of the hardest things an independent ever has to do – and it can feel like the end of independence.

Fortunately, Plymouth has a fantastic Dial-a-Ride program dedicated solely to individuals requiring mobility support and those who are 60-years old or older.

The vans run Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and rides are made on a reservation basis, and fares are never higher than $2.50 one-way.

Meal Services

Meals On Wheels

All around the nation, senior centers, and senior councils partner with volunteers to provide Meals-on-Wheels.

Five days a week, Monday through Friday, participating members receive a balanced and nutritious meal delivered right to their door for only $3.00. There are also a variety of dining sites around the community where seniors can gather and share meals.

Contact Old Colony Elder Services online to learn more about Plymouth’s Meals-on-Wheels services or give them a call at TEL (508) 584-1561 OR TTY (508) 587-0280 to learn more.

Daily & Weekend Meal Services

If seniors require more meal assistance, home care agencies to offer meal preparation services – including grocery shopping if needed – to ensure seniors have ready-to-heat/eat meals and snacks whenever they like.

Read, Tips for Eating Well for Older Adults, to learn more about how to keep seniors well-nourished.

Miscellaneous Services

The Town of Plymouth has a very active Center for Active Living. Visit their webpage for a list of miscellaneous services.

From some of the services listed here – like Meals-on-Wheels and Dial-a-Ride, the CAL also offers information for senior-specific foot care services, arts, education, and activities, legal & financial planning – and more.

Activities & Events

It’s good for seniors to remain actively socially engaged as much as they are able.

Check in with your neighborhood senior center to start. You can also visit the following websites and resources to learn more about senior- and/or memory-care oriented events:

If you integrate senior home care services into the mix, caregivers will work with you and the client to find social activities, classes, and events tailored to your loved one’s interests.

Over time, support must rise to meet the needs of the individual.

Eventually, adults who choose to age-in-place require additional support – and so do their primary caregivers, particularly when the caregiver is a spouse or family member.

Adult Day Care & Respite Care Options

Non-Home Based Adult Day Care

Are you still working full or part-time? Would you like to have a day or two off each week to take care of your own business and attend to self-care needs? Adult day care is a safe solution.

These centers are specifically dedicated to seniors and many also specialize in memory care. You can visit Angie’s List of Top Best Plymouth Adult Day Care Centers and look for one that’s close to home and resonates with your needs and price-point.

In addition to supporting caregivers, well-run adult day care centers offer a stimulating social environment – including art, crafts, activities, music, etc. – that may be more enriching for your loved one, particularly if s/he is an extrovert by nature.

Home-Based Respite Care Or Part-Time Caregiving

Respite care, as well as part-time companionship and basic caregiving services, are also available from home care agencies. These services are particularly helpful if you live far away from your senior loved one because regular caregivers form a bond with their client.

By checking in once or a few times per week, or even once a day, caregivers offer a range of services – including companionship, light housekeeping, and errand running,

Choosing Full-Time Support For Your Loved One

There may come a time when your loved one requires full-time care and support. When this is the case, you have several options:

Live-In Home Care

A team of home care aids comes into the home, keeping loved ones in their familiar environment while ensuring they’re clean, comfortable, safe, taking medications as prescribed, getting out and about if able, etc.

Home care tends to be more affordable and keeps seniors independent for longer than residential care facilities.

Contact North River Home Care to schedule a free in-home assessment and learn more about our part- and full-time home care services.

Nursing Home, Assisted Living & Memory Care

Depending on the individual’s needs – a residential community may be best.

Visit, 50 Assisted Living Options in Plymouth, where you can review options based on need (assisted, Alzheimer’s/memory/nursing home) and budget.

Locating Senior Care Resources In Plymouth, MA

This Quick Guide to Senior Care Resources in Plymouth will get you started on your way to finding the best – and the right levels – of care for your senior loved one.