The Cost of Home Care in Massachusetts

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As medical advancements improve our health and well being, people are living longer and better than ever before. Each day, 10,000 Baby Boomers in the U.S. will turn 65 years old. With a current life expectancy of 79 years, it’s estimated that seven out of ten of those Baby Boomers will need some form of senior care in their lives.

When it comes to the cost of that care, various factors like the level of care needed and where you live come into play. Like all things, if you live in an area with a higher cost of living, you can expect to pay more than the national average for the cost of care.

Inflation is also another factor to consider. As of the last government report released April 2022, annual inflation was at 8.5%. This increase isn’t isolated to the goods in the Consumer Price Index. Unfortunately essential services like senior home care have also been impacted due to the rising costs of business operations.

The nationwide labor shortage has also played a part in driving up the cost of care over the last year. Looking at all of these factors, Genworth Financial reported that in the last 12 months, the cost of in-home care has risen by 12.5%.

This article will walk you through the results of the most recent Genworth Financial Cost of Care Survey. This is an annual survey that pulls together the median nationwide costs of home care, so this includes data points for far lower cost of living areas than ours here in Massachusetts.

Another important note is that the survey was conducted in 2020, before the supply chain shortages, tight labor market, and other conditions that resulted in our record inflation.

Accordingly, the estimated costs you will read are lower than current costs across the country and here locally. But they’ll give you an idea of senior care costs, and you can always contact us for a free assessment and estimate.

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What is the Cost of Home Care in Massachusetts?

According to the Genworth Financial 2021 Cost of Care Survey, conducted in 2020, the national average hourly cost of a Home Health Aide in the U.S. is about $27. However, that’s a national average.

The cost of living in Massachusetts is well above the national average, as is the cost of home care. In fact, Massachusetts ranks as one of the more expensive states for in-home senior care with home care costs averaging upwards of $40 per hour.

When you choose North River Home Care, you get what you pay for. By adhering to high standards, the professionalism and quality of senior in-home care are guaranteed. The Home Health Aides with North River Home Care have compassionately served over thousands of senior clients in Massachusetts.

Home Health Aide Training & Certification

Home Health Aides receive specialized training from the home care company they work for. They are professionals who usually pursue certification programs and ongoing learning opportunities.

North River Home Care provides extensive training for our Home Health Aides, including specialized training on:

  • Alzheimer’s and dementia care
  • Universal precautions
  • Infection control
  • Tuberculosis prevention
  • Fall prevention
  • Osteoporosis care
  • Nutrition and cooking
  • Hospice – end of life care
  • Caring for seniors with vision loss
  • Caring for seniors with hearing loss

Formal Caregiving with a Home Health Aide

A Personal Caregiver performs a variety of tasks to assist their client each day. Some of the most common activities Home Health Aides support include:

  • Cooking and feeding
  • Ensuring medications are taken on time
  • Showering/Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Toileting (including issues related to incontinence)
  • Light housework (i.e., dishes, laundry, etc.)
  • Walking assistance to prevent falls
  • Shopping
  • Pet care

Calculating Home Care Service Costs

Companies specializing in providing home care for seniors can perform a comprehensive assessment to determine the type of care an individual needs. Here’s how the costs tend to breakdown:

Hourly Rates

When a senior remains somewhat independent in his or her day-to-day activities, 24-hour care may not be necessary. In cases such as these, consecutive hourly rates will be the pay rate used. Some companies do require that their clients have a caregiver spend a minimum amount of time at the home: The minimum amount of required time usually ranges from two to four hours per day.

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Impacts on the Cost of Home Care in Massachusetts

How much long-term home care will cost in our area depends on the kind of home care a senior needs and the duration of that care. Other factors include the provider used and the location in which the senior lives.

In addition, evenings, weekends, and holidays are usually more expensive than a typical weekday. Furthermore, unless a company offers all-inclusive fees, additional services performed by the Home Health Aide or Healthcare Professional may result in extra charges.*

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Cost of Home Care in Massachusetts FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions we receive about the cost of home care in Massachusetts.

Can I get paid to take care of my elderly parents?

In most situations, you will not be able to receive payment to cover the cost of home care for your elderly parents. There are some situations where this can happen, but it’s not typical.

Does Long Term Care Insurance pay for home care?

Depending on the policy and its specific benefits, Long Term Care Insurance often pays for home care. North River Home Care frequently works with Long Term Care Insurance companies to help care for the seniors in our area.

Do VA Benefits pay for home care?

According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, all enrolled Veterans are eligible for Homemaker Home Health Aide Care if they are eligible for community care and meet the clinical criteria for the service and it is available.

We’re happy to say that North River has a dedicated person on staff who works with the VA to make the process easy for you. With us, you won’t have to manage any of the back and forth that can sometimes be confusing and time-consuming.

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