Senior Care Resources In Brockton, MA

Most of the senior citizen discounts around Massachusetts’ businesses start somewhere between 55- and 60-years of age and 65 is the age at which most dictionaries determine “senior citizen status” begins.

However, whether or not an individual needs senior support or care is significantly related to his/her physical condition and abilities – not their age.

There are several signs indicating various forms of senior care will increase an individual’s’ quality of life (read, Did You Notice Any of These Signs When Visiting… to learn more about that topic).

When that point arrives, it’s helpful to have a quick-guide to senior care resources in Brockton, so you can secure the help you or a senior loved one needs.

Full Spectrum Of Senior Care Resources And Support

The good news is that the Brockton area offers an array of senior-centric services that provide as little or as much help as you need.

This guide highlights some of the most important and valuable services used by seniors who choose to age-in-place or remain independently at home for as long as possible.

Driving Services

Diminishing vision and slower reflexes, or dementia diagnosis, are just a few of the indicators that a senior shouldn’t be driving anymore. However, turning in the keys signifies a dramatic loss of independence. If that time is eminent for your senior loved one, have a plan in place to ensure they can get where they need to go – as much as possible.

Brockton has several, reputable driving services that specialize in transporting seniors to and from desired destinations, including those with mobility aids. These include:

Brockton Area Transit (BAT)

The area’s bus system is efficient and affordable and ideal for seniors who want to get around on their own and for whom memory loss isn’t an issue.


Devoted to seniors and those requiring mobility assistance, Dial-a-BAT is a special extension of BAT and runs 7-days a week. Rides are dependent on reservations and range from $2.50 to $3.50 each way.

Home Care Providers

Most home care agencies offer transportation, whether that be to drop-off and pick-up seniors attending routine social engagements, appointments, or religious services, or to assist seniors while running errands.

This is one of the best transportation options if you feel progressive, in-home support will be needed down the road because it begins to establish a relationship between the senior and a core group of caregivers.

Knowing your loved one has access to affordable transportation offers peace of mind.

Meal Services

Preparing, cooking and cleaning up after meals takes a tremendous amount of effort. For many seniors, this becomes overwhelming or impossible, which can lead to skipping meals and malnutrition – especially if memory loss and/or the inability to grocery shop is a concern.


Old Colony Elder Services hosts a Meals-on-Wheels program, delivering balanced and nutritious meals to seniors, Monday – Friday. Meals are also offered at senior centers around the area, allowing more access to social engagement and appealing events and activities.

Food Stamps

Income-qualifying seniors who are able to get to the store, or have someone to shop for them, can apply for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) food stamps. Call 1-866-950-FOOD to set up an application appointment.

In-Home Meal Preparation

Meal preparation is another popular service offered by home care agencies, where caregivers come in as scheduled to make meals that are nutritious, delicious and fulfill relevant dietary needs/restrictions.

Missing or paring down meals creates a domino effect for seniors, compromising their health and exacerbating existing medical conditions. Having three square meals a day makes a tremendous difference in a senior’s well-being.

Adult Day Care

Are you a spouse or family caregiver who has a job and responsibilities of your own? You’ll appreciate Brockton’s high-quality adult day care options.

Mater Dei Adult Daycare (St. Joseph Health)

They are open 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and offer drop-in as well as full-time care – including up to two meals a day.

Old Colony Adult Day Care

Located at 10 Pearl St., Old Colony is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Mon-Fri. Call 508-588-2273 for more information.

Respite Care At Home

In addition to regularly scheduled part-time and full-time companionship and care options, home care agencies also offer respite care services as needed for full-time caregivers.

Daily caregiving for a loved one is incredibly challenging and you need a break too! Respite care services ensure you have the time you need to take care of life, your needs, to take a vacation and to enjoy self-care splurges as needed.

Senior Care Resources & Home Care Agency Assessments

Transitioning from a home and neighborhood you love to an assisted living or memory care community, is traumatic for many seniors.

If you or your senior loved one prefer to remain at home, it’s worth it – both literally and figuratively. Bringing qualified support into the home is almost always more affordable than the alternatives.

If you’re coping with Alzheimer’s or dementia, only schedule consultations with home care agencies that specialize in memory care to ensure your loved one gets the specialized cares/he needs.

Taking advantage of free consultations and assessments with local home care agencies is a good step in the right direction.

They are always free and no-obligation – and you’ll reap multiple benefits, like:

  • How to create a safer and more accessible senior-friendly home
  • The expert’s input regarding a personalized long-term care plan
  • Recommendations about the services that best support the client at this time
  • Information on how to finance senior care
  • Honest and valuable input regarding assisted living, nursing home, and memory care communities if it seems those are better options in your case.

Best wishes as you explore the ample support network of senior care resources in Brockton.