Why Choose Home Care? posted on: 11-06-2014

Statistics show that most adults would like to remain at home as they age, and with the help of a professional in-home caregiver, the possibility of avoiding a move to a nursing home can become a reality. This allows for comfort, independence and self-reliance, which are huge benefits in and of themselves, but consider some of these additional benefits as well:

  • Home care promotes healing. Research demonstrates that patients heal more quickly and comfortably at home versus in a hospital or nursing home setting and there is significantly less chance of rehospitalization when recuperation is at home. (Avalere Study 2008)
  • Family ties. Home care allows families to stay closer and family members tend to be more involved with the care when their loved one is at home.
  • Personalization. Home care can offer personalized care tailored to the needs of the family and the individual on any given day.
  • One-on-one attention. Because home care services are delivered one-on-one as opposed to the group setting of nursing homes, there is no “waiting for one’s turn” when care is needed.
  • Get moving! Staying mobile is extremely important as we age. With a home care program, personalized daily exercise routines can be implemented and maintained with the safety of a qualified professional on hand.
  • Get around. Home care offers accompaniment on transportation to and from various appointments, social activities or errands, allowing families more free time together as well as additional peace of mind.
  • Healthy meals for a healthy body. Not only can in-home caregivers help clients stay active, they can also prepare healthy meals that appeal to the client and adhere to any dietary restrictions.

Maintaining quality of life for older adults in the comfort of home throughout the Boston area, the South Shore, and Cape Cod is our specialty. Learn how remaining at home can be a feasible option for your loved ones. We look forward to getting to know you and discussing how we can meet your particular care needs. Call us at 781-659-1366 or fill out our online contact form to get started!