Top Tips for Creating a Long-Term Care Plan from North River Home Care posted on: 04-22-2014

Everyone has different needs and care requirements as they age. For example, there are some 100-year old individuals living independently, while some 60-year olds need daily assistance with care. A first step in planning for care is to take stock via an assessment by a qualified individual. Preparing a long-term care plan can seem overwhelming, but having a plan in place now will help alleviate the burden when the time comes for care. Some key things to consider when developing a long-term care plan include:

Assessing Independence Levels:

Normal aging, illness, and hospitalization can contribute to a decline in the ability to perform tasks necessary to safely live independently. Activities of daily living are those activities which one does on a daily basis to maintain independence at home. The information obtained from a professional assessment from a qualified home care agency, like North River Home Care, can assist in creating a plan for care services that might include in-home services such as meal preparation, nursing care, homemaker services, personal care, or continuous supervision.

Considering Options for Care:

The two primary options when care is needed are to stay at home with assistance or to move to a facility where care can be provided. Home care can be made available from a few hours a day to 24 hours. Before thinking of moving elsewhere, check into the availability and cost of in-home care. Additionally, take a look at our previous blog on the five types of home care everyone should know about!

Take the First Steps:

A first step in assisting with care needs might be simply home monitoring through remote means combined with a few hours of care three times per week. Assistance with shopping, cooking and cleaning may be all that is necessary initially to promote a safe and independent lifestyle. Contact North River Home Care to learn more about these care options.

At North River Home Care of Norwell, MA, we are dedicated to helping families in our community plan for long-term care in order to live better, healthier lives as they age. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a free in-home assessment.