After we’ve all realized how dangerous senior isolation can be, along comes COVID. Now our loved ones are more isolated than ever.

It’s heartbreaking to watch seniors and their families struggle to balance the health guidelines put forth by the CDC while simultaneously providing the level of care their loved ones deserve. Fortunately, many families find private caregivers are the answer.

Caregivers are skilled in providing functional support to senior clients and their families. But the most significant benefits of care come from the social and emotional support caregivers provide during the pandemic.

If you’re new to the idea of senior home care or just beginning to explore your options, we recommend reading these articles:

Feeling Overwhelmed? Let Professional Caregivers Lighten Your Burden

Before the pandemic, your job as a spouse or family caregiver was to learn all you could about your loved one’s condition and take good care of them accordingly. If the ever-changing regulations and recommendations are overwhelming you, private caregivers are here to lighten your burden.

We keep up with the regulations while providing the loving care your senior family member deserves. You can worry less about your loved one’s mental and emotional health with our help. We can provide respite care to give you a break, or we can step in on a regularly scheduled basis to take over the “business side” of caregiving.

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Caregivers Fill-In the Gaps For the “Sandwich Generation”

Are you a daughter or son stuck between the gap of caring for children at home, managing your work responsibilities, and also being the caregiver for an older parent? If so, you are a member of “The Sandwich Generation.” It is a tight and overwhelming spot to be in, and that’s where caregivers can step in to help.

Our team of senior caregivers will align our work schedule with yours, so you know your loved one is taken care of while you’re at work or juggling the demands of distance learning and social distancing.

If the nighttime hours are your biggest concern, we can help. Our caregivers are available around the clock – including nighttime-only shifts. This service can be invaluable. Many of our clients report they never realized how much sleep they were losing due to caregiver stress until our caregivers were brought in to help.

We Prevent Social Isolation

All of the studies, research, and anecdotal evidence agrees that seniors suffer from social isolation. Outside of the risks associated with recluse seniors, such as increased depression, anxiety, and loneliness, social isolation speeds up dementia-related diseases and exacerbates existing health conditions.

Bringing compassionate caregivers safely into your home provides your loved one with both regular check-ins and companionship. We work diligently to process the home assessment information and then pair caregiving teams with our clients, taking personality types, hobbies, life stories, and interests to heart.

Your senior loved one may not be able to attend Bingo at the senior center, congregate indoors with friends, or gather for religious or spiritual services now. But our caregivers can provide positive energy and friendship through conversation, stories, dancing, reading, games, gardening, and walks around the neighborhood.

The Joy in Talking with Loved Ones via Video

Technology can be challenging to navigate, especially for seniors who weren’t raised with a screen in-hand or suffer from memory issues. Private caregivers can provide support and assist seniors in using their laptops, tablets, or phones to keep in touch with family and friends.

While our clients miss in-person contact with their families, many joke (or seriously acknowledge) that they connect more now with technology than ever before. The simple pleasure of seeing a loved one on video helps banish the isolation too many seniors experience.

Groceries, Errands, Mail Deliveries, and Light Housekeeping

Caregivers typically work in four-hour minimum shifts. If all you need is some support with daily errands or other chores, our caregivers can typically accommodate that. We’ll collect the list of needs, run errands, and deliver and put away groceries. We can even provide some light housekeeping while we’re there.

If the shift falls around mealtimes, our caregivers can prepare or heat up a meal and supply companionship, so your loved one isn’t eating alone. This assistance often motivates our senior clients to eat more than usual, as food and fellowship go hand in hand. We are also here to provide personal and hygiene care, including bathing, dressing, and toileting, so that seniors can age with as much dignity and independence as possible.

Don’t let your loved one’s well being (or your own) suffer as the result of COVID. Remember that you are not alone. As professional home care providers, we are working around the clock to ensure all of our clients and their families can fully rest in the many benefits provided by private caregivers during COVID-19.

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