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Have You Crossed the Line Between Caring and Controlling?

Is there any better feeling than knowing you’re cared for, protected, and safe? Parents thrive on ensuring their children are enveloped in the comfort of knowing their needs will be met, providing the safety net that allows them the confidence to explore the world around them. But there comes a point in all children’s lives when the yearning for independence outweighs the benefit of protection,

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When Caring for Elderly Parents Means Moving Back To Massachusetts

We’re living longer than ever before, thanks to incredible advances in science and medicine, and as a result, the sandwich generation (those caring for elderly parents and children simultaneously) are finding a new niche as they age: the boomerang generation.

“Aging together” is the descriptor for older adults whose mom and dad are still living and needing care.

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North River Home Care: How Design Thinking Can Benefit the Elderly

One of the latest buzz phrases, “design thinking,” has become synonymous with creating products targeted specifically to the elderly. However, its true purpose actually encompasses so much more: creating a solution through products that makes life easier – regardless of age.

While seniors can certainly benefit from the development of carefully thought out products,

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