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North River Home Care Receives Home Care Pulse Certification

North River Home Care has completed and received its  Home Care Pulse Certification.  This certification program is dedicated to the measurement of client and employee satisfaction scores, North River Home Care is now officially certified in home care quality.

“We know that sometimes it is difficult to make care decisions when you don’t have specific experience with an agency. 

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Congratulations to 102 Year Old Sylvia Carlson who Returns Home after a Broken Hip

I had to stop by and see this with my own eyes today.

Sylvia Carlson is back in her own home in Quincy after successfully completing rehab for a broken hip at Hancock Park Rehab & Nursing Center.

She just got back home yesterday and spent much of today being interviewed by the North River Home Care agency staff who are staying with her and helping her.

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Reduce the Risk of Falling in the Elderly

Below is a cute video put out by The Joint Commission about reducing the risk of falling.

Roughly 1 of every 3 people age 65 and older is injured from a fall every year. Reducing the risk of a fall can help seniors live healthier and longer lives.

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Pet Therapy

We were recently highlighted in print and radio for our Pet Therapy program.  It’s a great service for our seniors who may no longer be able to have a dog of their own.

Listen to Heather Kenney discuss Pet Therapy on “A Touch of Gray”

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Hearing Impared Elders – Good Tips on Communication

If you have an elder that is one of the 23 percent of folks with some degree of hearing loss, you may want to try these top ten tips when trying to communicate with them. There are many things that can frustrate an elder, but not being able to understand what someone is saying to them due to hearing loss is right at the top of the list.

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Flu Season Public Service Announcement

As an elder care provider in the Boston area, we are concerned about the flu. It’s that time of year again. We’ve had many home care clients, caregivers, and families asking us how to prevent and avoid the flu.

There are some great ideas on the CDC website: CDC Flu Website

and on the Health and Human Services website: Health and Human Services Flu.Gov

Here’s another approach to avoiding the flu (video is from the Dept.

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