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Medicare Denials: How Older Adults Can Get the Coverage They Need

Medicare coverage of medicines for seniors is often crucial, especially because on average, older adults take a shocking 15-18 prescription medications. And with the standard pricetag of over $11,000 per year for the most common prescription drugs prescribed by doctors for the elderly, it usually is debilitating when Medicare suddenly declines coverage.

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The Surprising Impact of Opioids on Seniors

Certain groups of people are typically stereotyped, and it can be hard not to have preconceived ideas of what these people are actually like. Think about the words “drug addict”. What immediately comes to your mind? A young adult struggling to get through daily living without a fix, potentially resorting to a life of crime to fund his or her habit?

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Holiday Sugar Indulging and How It Affects Older Adults

It’s here: we’ve gotten into the season of sweet treats! From sugar cookies to pecan pies to candy canes and chocolate mint cocoa, it’s tough to overlook the overabundance of delicious sweets that bombard us, and the special thoughts they bring to mind, particularly close to the holidays. But what result does this surge in sugar consumption have on our health and wellness,

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