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Our Norwell Home Care Takes Seniors Where They Need to Go

Norwell home careRemaining independent throughout aging means ensuring seniors have the ability to go where they need and want to go, even when it’s no longer possible to drive or when there are other mobility issues. North River’s Norwell home care transportation services help seniors get out and about to attend appointments, social gatherings, and more.

Doctor Visits

Our caregivers can transport and accompany seniors to doctor visits as needed. We can also complete a report so that family members will know of any diagnoses, new medications, or care instructions, and we can even pick up any prescriptions on the way home to ensure seniors have everything they need.

Social Outings

Staying engaged with family and friends is vital as a person ages. Our Norwell home care professionals can accompany seniors on social outings, including weddings, family reunions, church gatherings, etc., so everyone can enjoy themselves, confident that all personal care needs will be met.


Visiting a relative in Florida and need a hand getting there? We can help. Our experienced senior care staff can travel with seniors on vacation, business trips, etc. and provide assistance.

Other Outings

Sometimes it’s just nice to get out of the house for a few hours. We can escort seniors on other small outings such as:

  • The hairdresser
  • Grocery shopping
  • The library
  • Lunch with friends
  • The mall
  • The movies
  • Any place they want to go!

Have a loved one who could benefit from our Norwell home care transportation services? Contact our senior care team in our Norwell or Sandwich, MA offices today.