Overcome Sibling Squabbles to Provide Better Care for Aging Parents posted on: 11-08-2017

Aging ParentsAs much as we’d prefer to turn a blind eye to it, family friction is prevalent in some form for most of us, and during a time of crisis, is often exacerbated. When stress levels are heightened, it’s natural to seek a target to serve as an outlet for those feelings; and sadly, that target is often those we’ve shared the most with over a lifetime: our siblings.

If family dynamics are hindering your ability to work together to provide the highest level of care for your aging loved ones, these tips can help:

  • Communicate. While it seems rudimentary, it’s worth stressing that effective communication is key to understanding different perspectives and getting on the same page. Documenting important points, such as financial decisions, your parents’ wishes, and who has agreed to help with each aspect of care is always a good idea.
  • Accommodate. Share with each other what types of tasks you’re available to help with, but understand that compromises may need to be made in order to ensure that all bases are covered. Understand that sacrifices will likely be necessary from all parties involved in care, and work together to find a solution that’s as fair as possible to each person.
  • Delegate. Realize that there is additional help available to assist families in keeping their older loved ones safe and thriving. Partnering with a professional home care agency, such as North River Home Care, allows families much-needed time to manage their own lives while knowing their loved ones are receiving the very best possible care.

Planning as much in advance as possible before a care need arises is the key to reducing family friction later. Gather details on how your parents would like to handle certain scenarios as they age. Would they prefer to age in place at home, or move to an assisted living facility? If they’d like to remain at home, what safety and accessibility modifications will need to be made? How would they like everyday tasks to be handled when the need for help arises, such as with bathing, dressing, maintaining the home, etc.?

At North River Home Care, we understand that difficult family dynamics are often at their highest when facing care needs for a senior loved one. Contact us today to learn how we can help ease stress and provide the solutions to care that can restore peace to your family.