Did you know that roughly 25% of senior citizens take more than 3 pills per day? With most seniors taking some kind of medication necessary for their health, it’s an unfortunate reality that many do not take their medication as prescribed. Here are a few suggestions on how to remember to take medications on time for you or your loved one:

Associate the Dosage with Daily Activities
In the course of everyone’s daily routine, there are activities which can be associated with taking medication. For example, some medications should be taken with food, or right before bed time. Associating certain types of medications with activities that are completed through the day can be an effective way to avoid taking medications at the wrong times or missing them altogether.

Medication Alarms
Medication alarms can be purchased from the local pharmacy and act in a manner that is similar to an alarm clock. The alarm will sound one-time or multiple times per day to indicate that the medication should be taken.

Daily Medication Organizers
Daily medication organizers are an effective way to schedule multiple doses of medication per day. These organizers are available at most pharmacies, as well as supermarkets and are available for daily dosages, as well as entire weeks. We actually have a number of the daily ones in our office and are happy to give them out.

Bubble Packed Medications
Pharmacies and health care professionals can make the decision to have the medication pre-packaged in dosages called “bubble packs”. Patients that have multiple medications as well as problems remembering to take certain medications, or, have taken incorrect dosages of medications in the past are often prescribed this technique to ensure that the medication remains stable.

Also, home care agencies in Massachusetts like North River Home Care can help. Our home health care aides can remind clients when to take their medications and make sure they stay on schedule. A benefit of hiring a home health care agency is the trained professional caregivers have a different relationship that that of a parent/child, and the senior is often more accepting of advice from a non family member.

If your parents live in the Boston area and need home health care, we hope you will consider North River Home Care.