Home Care Services: What Does Your Loved One Really Need? posted on: 08-27-2014

In our last blog post, we discussed the benefits of choosing a professional home care agency to provide home care services. But, what type of services does your loved one really need? If you’ve decided it’s time to enlist in-home help for a loved one, there’s a variety of services available. The following home care options can help you narrow down the type of help needed:

  • Housekeeping: Household chores on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, including things like vacuuming, doing dishes, laundry, changing beds, and dusting.
  • Companionship: Often an older person who is living alone can benefit from having a companion caregiver for a few hours a day. Companionship care includes help for those who are living alone as well as supervision for safety for those who are confused or have memory loss, as well as meal preparation.
  • Personal Care: Bathing, toileting, eating, dressing, grooming, walking, getting out of bed or a chair, being lifted, and providing medication reminders.
  • Nighttime Care: Assistance with getting out of bed to the toilet during the night, or when dementia causes “sundowning”.
  • Transportation: Assistance with getting out for activities, shopping, medical appointments, etc.
  • Geriatric Care Management: Ongoing household management that falls outside of the services of a direct care provider, including moving into another living arrangement and the closing up of a household.

Determining the kind of home care your loved one needs can oftentimes be difficult. If you’d like to speak with a qualified home care professional, please feel free to contact North River Home Care. Our team of care experts can help you understand the options available and determine the right course of care.