Home Aide Services In Dedham, MA

While retirement is often referred to as The Golden Years, it doesn’t always feel that way for seniors experiencing inherent signs of aging, such as diminishing eyesight, limited mobility or health conditions that make it impossible to remain independent.

Fortunately, home aide services allow seniors to age-in-place safely, comfortably and with the freedom to participate in their favorite social activities, hobbies, and outings.

Home aides provide tremendous support for senior clients, ranging from companionship and housekeeping assistance to errand running, meal planning and help with transportation. All of this is done without the need for a traumatic move into an assisted living facility – and saves thousands of dollars per year when compared with facility-based senior care.

Home Aide Services

All of the services are provided by North River Home Care licensed home aides in Dedham. These are designed to keep seniors independent and feeling good about themselves – at home, surrounded by the people, pets, and belongings they love.

Home aide services include:

  • Companionshiphome aide Dedham
  • Driving
  • Laundry & linen changes
  • Light housekeeping
  • Medication reminders
  • Pet feeding & exercising
  • Driving to & from social engagements
  • Errand running
  • Grocery shopping & meal support
  • Bill paying
  • Assistance with letter writing or digital correspondence
  • General organization
  • Assistance with dressing & grooming
  • Bathing & showering assistance
  • Toileting & incontinence care
  • Feeding
  • Memory care
  • Additional, customized services as needed

Ultimately, our home aides customize services according to the clients’ needs.

Companionship Care in Dedham

Never underestimate the power of socialization and human interaction. Countless studies prove regular social interaction slows down the progress of cognitive decline and significantly reduces seniors’ risk of loneliness and depression.

We tailor companionship services to address the needs and desires of our clients. Reading, board/card games, listening to music, dancing, taking walks or hikes, transporting them to bingo, bunco, church, women’s/men’s groups – all are glimpses of what our home aides offer to keep seniors living life to the fullest.

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Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care in Dedham

If your loved one suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s, home aides support the ins-and-outs of daily life that get lost in the shuffle as cognitive decline progresses.

Memory care for those with dementia ensures clients eat regularly and with respect to their nutritional needs, and that they take prescription medication and supplements as instructed.

We’ll also help out with:

  • Housekeeping & laundry
  • Transportation
  • Encouraging their favorite hobbies & activities
  • Utilize gait supervision & other safety protocols so seniors can move and exercise safely
  • Feeding & toileting

Personalized dementia home care services help those with Alzheimer’s or dementia remain in the comfort and security of home for as long as possible.

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Transportation & Travel Companionship in Dedham

Giving up the keys doesn’t mean the end of independence, it just requires a shift in perspective. Securing personal transportation services allows seniors to get out and about as often as they like – to run errands (or have the errands run for them) and to visit friends and family.

Driving services are most often used to get to:

  • Long-standing meetings, luncheons, and group functions
  • Their favorite community-based activities, and events
  • Routine medical & dental exams
  • Anywhere else they want to go!

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Light Housekeeping, Laundry & Meal Preparation in Dedham

Home aides also provide numerous housekeeping, home organization, and home safety modifications, and also oversee the completion of larger home maintenance items by using local, licensed professionals.

Housekeeping and maintenance services include:

  • Laundry & linen service
  • Routine light cleaning
  • Pet care
  • Grocery shopping & meal preparation
  • Minor home safety and organizational modifications

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Daily Dressing & Hygiene Care in Dedham

Is your loved one reluctant to accept help with daily essentials? We understand. Our home aides are both compassionate and professional, excelling in their ability to provide dressing and basic hygiene services with respect and dignity.

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Respite Care in Dedham

Are you the primary caregiver in your loved one’s life? Respite care services are designed just for you. The licensed home aides at North River Home Care will take over for you so you can attend your own meetings and appointments, take a day off, enjoy self-care or take advantage of a well-deserved vacation.

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Home Aides – Working In Tandem With Home Health Care Professionals

Home aides cannot legally provide home health care services – such as administering medications, wound care, administering injections or IVs, etc. These items fall under the category of home health care.

However, our home care aides frequently synchronize work with home health care providers – providing a seamless interplay that ensures all of our client’s – and their patient’s – needs are well cared for.

How Our Home Aide Services Are Different

At North River Home Care, we know the difference that home care can make in a senior’s life.  This is why we strive to offer a wide variety of home aide services in Dedham that allow older adults and their families to live their best lives. Let our family help yours by providing compassionate, one-on-one care in the comfort and safety of your own home.

North River Home Care is proud to be ranked in the top 5% of home care agencies across the country. We invite you to read our reviews and testimonials to learn more about why our clients and their families continue to refer us to their friends, families, and colleagues.


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North River Home Care has provided excellent care for my elderly father! The process to could not have been simpler to set-up, and we appreciate the understanding of NRHC when moving forward with such an important decision. The communication between management, my father, and Susan, our caregiver, made the decision easy. Susan is a professional and personable addition to my dad’s day and we are all thrilled with the decision!

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