Holiday Sugar Indulging and How It Affects Older Adults posted on: 11-11-2016

North River Home CareIt’s here: we’ve gotten into the season of sweet treats! From sugar cookies to pecan pies to candy canes and chocolate mint cocoa, it’s tough to overlook the overabundance of delicious sweets that bombard us, and the special thoughts they bring to mind, particularly close to the holidays. But what result does this surge in sugar consumption have on our health and wellness, especially for older people?

Sugar’s addictive characteristics are widely recognized. It releases dopamine while triggering the reward part of the brain, and when a lot is eaten, people establish a tolerance to these effects, requiring more sugar – a vicious loop.

And as if that weren’t worrisome enough, added sugar (in contrast to naturally-occurring sugar) has been labeled as a toxin that increases inflammation and heightens risk of obesity, heart problems, and even perhaps breast cancer. For elderly people, a lot of sugar can increase cognitive impairment and lead to complications with the chronic conditions that so many suffer from.

Even though we undoubtedly don’t want to rob the holiday joy from seniors, it’s important to understand that there can be healthier, yet still festive choices. Call North River Home Care at (781) 659-1366 to learn how we can deliver wholesome, tasty dishes that comply with dietary plans without compromising one’s wellbeing.