Hiring for Home Care: The Difference an Agency Makes posted on: 08-19-2014

When a loved one is in need of in-home care, there are many available choices, and deciding where to turn can be challenging. For example, should you hire a professional home care agency, a privately hired individual, or use a registry? And how can you know which home care option is best? There are pros and cons inherent in most choices, but here are a few reasons why hiring a professional home care agency like North River Home Care is the best choice for quality care:

  1. No laborious search for a safe, professional caregiver. An agency not only checks references and performs thorough background and driving record checks, but also takes care to find the perfect caregiver match for each client, taking into account personality, hobbies and common interests in addition to requested schedule and geographic accessibility.
  2. Your caregiver is well-trained, experienced, and monitored. An agency often provides ongoing caregiver training as well as an orientation. Ongoing monitoring means that any needed changes or assistance can be identified and corrected.
  3. Tax responsibilities fall on the agency – not on you. If a client hires a home caregiver through a registry or independent hire, the client is responsible for the caregiver’s payroll taxes (which often is not disclosed). Alternatively, because all caregivers from an agency are employees of the agency, all payroll taxes are paid for by the agency.
  4. Caregiver illness and vacation time are covered. It’s inevitable that at some point a chosen caregiver will become ill or desire to take a vacation. An agency provides a backup caregiver if your regular caregiver is ill or on vacation. Additionally, an agency handles all worker discipline, to assist with situations such as showing up late for work.
  5. Leave the supervision to us. An agency provides supervision of all caregivers by a qualified individual. With a registry or independent hire, there is no oversight of care, opening up a client to potential financial, mental or physical abuse.

We know that, even when choosing a qualified home care agency, your family has a lot of options from which to choose. At North River Home Care of Boston, we believe the quality of our management, the training we provide our caregivers, and our dedicated caregivers themselves are what set us apart from the crowd. Learn more about why we think you should choose North River for your home care needs, or contact us to learn more about our services.