You Don’t Have to Go It Alone! The Need for Caregivers to Ask for Help. posted on: 10-11-2016

caregiversWe’re a do-it-yourself society; one that highly values independence, and applauds those who pull themselves up by their bootstraps and handle everything on their own. But the reality is, there are some things we simply can’t do alone; things that can cause harm to ourselves or others if we resist seeking assistance.

One task that’s definitely best when shared is providing care for a senior loved one. And yet, sadly, the majority of family caregivers struggle with reaching out for help, for a variety of reasons: guilt in feeling as though they should be able to manage care for their loved one on their own, reluctance to trust another to provide high quality care, or simply a matter of pride.

If you are a family caregiver, in order to avoid caregiver burnout, depression, or other negative and all-too-common consequences, try these tips to minimize the stress of asking for help:

  • Break down your caregiving role into specific tasks, and decide which you’d like assistance with: cooking, cleaning, personal care, transportation, etc.
  • Make a list of those you could trust to help with these tasks: friends, family, members of your religious organization, neighbors, and neighborhood teenagers who have volunteer requirements to fulfill.
  • Match up tasks with your potential helpers, and approach each one with specific details on what you need.

And remember: North River Home Care is always standing by with professional, fully trained, experienced senior caregivers who can help as much or as little as needed!