Congratulations to 102 Year Old Sylvia Carlson who Returns Home after a Broken Hip posted on: 12-21-2011

Sylvia Carlson, 102, at her Home in Quincy

Sylvia Carlson, age 102, returns home after recovering from a broken hip.

I had to stop by and see this with my own eyes today.

Sylvia Carlson is back in her own home in Quincy after successfully completing rehab for a broken hip at Hancock Park Rehab & Nursing Center.

She just got back home yesterday and spent much of today being interviewed by the North River Home Care agency staff who are staying with her and helping her.

It’s great news because a broken hip can mean the start of a long decline for some elderly people 20 years younger. Sylvia proves the opposite: even at such an advanced age, it is possible to recover and rebuild strength.

Sylvia is fiercely independent and was determined to get back home if she could. Things appear to be going very well and her many friends wish her the very best with continued improvement.

“She is amazing,” the home care aide nursing aide said who answered the door and let me in.

I only stayed a few moments, but long enough to see Sylvia ansering questions for a nurse with her usual sharp mind and good spirits.

By Sue Scheible ,