Two New Breakthrough Discoveries in Alzheimer’s

Remarkable scientific studies are honing in ever nearer towards the eradication of Alzheimer’s disease, this time in the form of two medications already developed and approved by the FDA. This permits accelerated clinical trials and we hope fast-tracking us closer to a treatment.

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These New Technologies Can Aid Seniors with Vision Loss

Affecting an incredible number of Americans, vision loss can be as varied as the people who experience it – from simply the need to don a pair of reading glasses to browse through the morning paper, to total blindness. And it’s even more common in older adults, with one in every three elders over age 65 experiencing some form of eye disease that impacts vision,

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The Cancer Treatment that May Also Help with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

What if there was a medication that could treat not just one, but three devastating diseases: leukemia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s? Researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center are hopeful that nilotinib fits the bill. Currently approved for use in those with one type of leukemia, a small trial is causing great excitement in its promising results to rid the brain of toxic proteins.

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Are Electrode Implants Paving the Way to Stroke Recovery?

For the first time ever, a treatment option that’s become increasingly popular in Parkinson’s patients – deep-brain stimulation – is being tested on a stroke survivor. Involving the implantation of an electrode that stimulates a particular area of the brain, the anticipated response will be a reversal of the paralysis so often encountered following a stroke,

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North River Home Care: How Design Thinking Can Benefit the Elderly

One of the latest buzz phrases, “design thinking,” has become synonymous with creating products targeted specifically to the elderly. However, its true purpose actually encompasses so much more: creating a solution through products that makes life easier – regardless of age.

While seniors can certainly benefit from the development of carefully thought out products,

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The Senior Aid Tech Boom, and Why Many Seniors Aren’t Embracing It

Today’s generation of seniors is inundated with an explosion of high tech products aimed at improving their safety and independence and enhancing their lives. At the touch of a button or two, they can instantly visit “in person” with friends and family through Skype, wear a necklace that responds with emergency assistance when needed,

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