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10 Summer Health Tips for Seniors to Beat the Heat

Seniors are especially at risk in high heat situations. Large stretches of the USA are experiencing extreme temperatures at the moment. Care-givers need to check on the elderly. If you live in another city, call the police department, or someone you know, to check on your loved one.

Does an elderly person live in your neighborhood?

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Financial Scams and the Senior, Care Needed!

Financial scams involving seniors have grown exponentially over the past several years. These scams come via postal mail, unsolicited telephone calls, and sometimes even through the Internet. The scam artists tend to prey on the unsuspecting and many have found the seniors to be prime targets. The reason that the elderly end up being the targets of these scams could be that they get confused more easily or have a more trusting nature than other sectors of society.

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Caregiver Advice – Walking Aids Safety

Recently, the Center For Disease Control (CDC) released a study estimating that forty seven thousand elderly Americans are injured each year due to falls attributed to the use of mobility aids such as canes and walkers. With these shocking figures in mind we have given you some of our caregiver advice to help avoid these situations.

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