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The Hidden Dangers of Sleeping Meds for Seniors – And What to Try Instead

What’s better than waking up well rested after a good night’s sleep, fully energized and ready to face the day? For many older adults – as many as a third of them – getting sufficient sleep only happens in their dreams. And sadly, it’s a common assumption that poor sleep is simply something to be accepted in our later years – a misconception that Preeti Malani,

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Are We Missing the Mark? Neuroscientist Shares Radical Thinking on Alzheimer’s Cause.

Thomas Edison’s infamous words ring true today in the race to find both the cause and a cure for Alzheimer’s disease: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Each day seems to bring hopeful news of yet another clinical trial, followed soon after by the disappointing news that results failed to meet expectations – and so the cycle continues.

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Can Exercise Help Overcome the Challenges of Parkinson’s Disease?

The effects of remaining physically active throughout aging are tremendous, but for those with Parkinson’s, it may truly be a game-changer in the progression of the disease. Several recent studies are revealing direct links between exercise and Parkinson’s, including the largest clinical study to date, in which patients who exercised a minimum of 2½ hours per week achieved a higher quality of life than those who refrained from physical activity.

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Gaining Ground on Alzheimer’s: Promising Medication Reaches Final Phase in Human Trials

We’re always thrilled to share the latest developments in the battle against Alzheimer’s disease, but none have looked quite so promising as the latest: aducanumab. In its first clinical trial, scientists observed a significant decrease in the level of amyloid plaque in the patients’ brains, and even better,

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Best Nursing Homes: The 2012 U.S. News Honor Roll

These 39 homes rolled up perfect 5-star ratings from the government for 4 straight quarters!

Each year, U.S. News and World Report releases its list of “Best Nursing Homes,” determined by quarterly ratings from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), and it also issues an Honor Roll which consists this year of 39 nursing homes that earned the highest possible ratings in all four quarters of 2011.

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North River Home Care Receives Home Care Pulse Certification

North River Home Care has completed and received its  Home Care Pulse Certification.  This certification program is dedicated to the measurement of client and employee satisfaction scores, North River Home Care is now officially certified in home care quality.

“We know that sometimes it is difficult to make care decisions when you don’t have specific experience with an agency. 

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Congratulations to 102 Year Old Sylvia Carlson who Returns Home after a Broken Hip

I had to stop by and see this with my own eyes today.

Sylvia Carlson is back in her own home in Quincy after successfully completing rehab for a broken hip at Hancock Park Rehab & Nursing Center.

She just got back home yesterday and spent much of today being interviewed by the North River Home Care agency staff who are staying with her and helping her.

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How Facebook Helps Seniors Battle Loneliness

Senior Citizens Learn Social Media

Classes on how to use Facebook are becoming very popular with senior citizens in the U.S., who say that social networking reduces depression and fights memory loss.

Senior centers, retirement homes and assisted living facilities nationwide are now offering computer classes that branch off into specific courses focusing on social networking and teaching older adults how to engage with these tools. 

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