Did You Notice Any of These Signs While Visiting Mom This Christmas?

From the second the door swings open and your elderly parent wraps you in a warm hug, through the festive holiday meal and every timeless family tradition, possibilities abound for not just quality time together, but also to assess how your loved one is truly doing and if any warning flags are noticed.

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When Mom Feels Sad: Why It Might Be More Than Just a Case of the Blues

They’re common concerns in older years: fatigue, sleeping problems, lack of appetite. And often, they’re written off as just that. Yet for as many as 8 million seniors over age 65, these symptoms are indicative of something more than normal aging – they’re signs of mental illness.

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These New Technologies Can Aid Seniors with Vision Loss

Affecting an incredible number of Americans, vision loss can be as varied as the people who experience it – from simply the need to don a pair of reading glasses to browse through the morning paper, to total blindness. And it’s even more common in older adults, with one in every three elders over age 65 experiencing some form of eye disease that impacts vision,

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Dementia-Related Anosognosia: How It’s Different From Denial

“I don’t have dementia There is nothing wrong with me!”

If you have ever heard a loved one with dementia frustratingly communicate this or perhaps a similar sentiment, you may have believed the person was just in denial and unwilling to accept a tough diagnosis. The stark reality is,

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You’re Not Alone! The Importance of Caregiver Socialization

Let’s be honest: providing care for an aging loved one can be exhausting, overwhelming, and isolating. As care needs progress, particularly when a chronic condition such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease is at play, family caregivers may feel as though they’re in over their heads, and getting through the most basic aspects of the day – showering,

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Finding a Cure for Alzheimer’s: How We Can ALL Help

The world of Alzheimer’s disease research is expanding, and now there’s a way every one of us can help hasten the discovery of a cure. Through an online game, Stall Catchers, thousands of people are devoting time to sorting through slides of mouse brains to aid researchers in determining the effectiveness of treating cerebral blood flow problems to reverse memory loss.

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Medicare Denials: How Older Adults Can Get the Coverage They Need

Medicare coverage of medicines for seniors is often crucial, especially because on average, older adults take a shocking 15-18 prescription medications. And with the standard pricetag of over $11,000 per year for the most common prescription drugs prescribed by doctors for the elderly, it usually is debilitating when Medicare suddenly declines coverage.

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