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Terry Marhoffer

Client Service Manager

Terry was called to senior care at a young age. Her mother was a social worker, and she spent many years in and around nursing homes. She started helping out as a ‘feeder and bedmaker,’ and then she became a nurses’ aide at age 16.

After Terry graduated from college, she worked with children and families. But soon, her passion for seniors led her back to serving the elderly.

Terry is married and has five children with her husband, Andy.


Mom’s Coming Home from the Hospital: Can We Handle Her Care Alone?

Picture this scenario: your elderly mother, who lives alone, suffered a fall, fractured her arm and ankle, and is now being released from the hospital. Leafing through her discharge papers reveals the need for medications, physical therapy, medical follow-up in several weeks, and a number of symptoms to watch for that would warrant a return to the E/R.

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How Facebook Helps Seniors Battle Loneliness

Senior Citizens Learn Social Media

Classes on how to use Facebook are becoming very popular with senior citizens in the U.S., who say that social networking reduces depression and fights memory loss.

Senior centers, retirement homes and assisted living facilities nationwide are now offering computer classes that branch off into specific courses focusing on social networking and teaching older adults how to engage with these tools. 

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