Elephants and Alzheimer’s [The Relationship] posted on: 10-22-2018

Sad elephant sitting on a bench on the glade

Can we learn something about Alzheimer’s from an elephant? Learn more in this article.

The old adage is true: elephants truly do have excellent memories, even in their old age. To illustrate, they’re able to recollect and go back to very particular locations many years after visiting them, regardless of age. Just what exactly can we discover from elephants that might result in improving our own brain functioning as we age?

Interestingly, older elephants’ brains show no buildup of the amyloid plaques many researchers are linking to Alzheimer’s. And though other experts tout the necessity for adequate sleep, enabling the mind the chance to clear away plaques, elephants are stomping over that idea, sleeping as little as two hours each day.

But a single factor rises above the rest that just could possibly be the main key: socialization. Scientific studies increasingly point out the link between isolation and cognitive decline as found by Fortune Magazine, and the advantage of preserving reliable social contacts. Elephants continue being socially involved with close family herds for life, while our human busyness often hinders the sort of important, sustained connections we so desperately require.

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