The 5 Key Symptoms Used by Doctors to Diagnose Dementia posted on: 11-14-2016

Home Care in Eastern, MAMom appears to be a tad perplexed lately. The other day, she mistakenly used salt in place of sugar in her well known chocolate chip cookie recipe. She called the cat by my brother’s name. And she mislaid her handbag, to discover it in the medicine cabinet. Is it possible she’s developing Alzheimer’s disease or a different type of dementia?

Though there are many other potential factors behind dementia-like signs or symptoms such as these – medication side effects or depression, for instance – these kinds of warnings help doctors evaluate if dementia is the primary cause:

  1. Mental functional loss – determined by talking with both the affected person and the ones closest to her, along with cognitive screening.
  2. Changes in formerly learned skills – looking at talents that were very easily executed before and measured against new battles.
  3. Challenges with responsibilities of day to day life – assessed through worries conveyed by loved ones.
  4. Various other physical conditions – examining underlying circumstances which could cause delirium, which imitates dementia, such as bacterial infections, thyroid issues, electrolyte imbalances, and more.
  5. Mental history – a detailed analysis of mental concerns that may come into play, which include depression or schizophrenia.

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