3 Tips to Diffuse Difficult Family Dynamics posted on: 05-18-2016

Family Caregiving DynamicsFamily dynamics: they can shape who we are from where we’ve been, and the roots from our past can grow stubbornly deep. When a hurtful family history collides with a present family caregiving need, is it possible to work together for a positive outcome?

AARP offers the following tips to help family members overcome difficult dynamics and provide the best care for a loved one:

  • Learn from the past. Fully letting go of past hurts may be too lofty of a goal to achieve, but it is possible to gain insight and a renewed perspective when viewing through the lens of lessons learned.
  • Focus on positives. If your strained relationships are like most, they’re comprised of both difficult and pleasant memories. Draw from the positives and try to place your focus more fully on those.
  • Rely on your values. Rather than refusing to participate in caring for a loved one because of a hurt that person inflicted upon you, fall back on your core values, such as the importance of helping others and treating them the way you’d like to be treated.

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